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Our practitioners are highly-skilled, board-certified medical professionals, and licensed lifestyle practitioners who are passionate about using holistic interventions to benefit patients at risk, or living with heart disease. HHCA provides access to education, training, proprietary medical and lifestyle protocols, virtual consultations and mobile tools, and advanced predictive analytics. Practitioners at any level, with or without functional or integrative medicine training, can join our holistic heart health network. These practitioners position themselves as leaders in their community, and emerge as experts and advocates for comprehensive cardiac care. Join for free to start referring your patients today!

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Please, provide your complete information, and click "Submit Application". All certified lifestyle practitioners may enroll for Tier 1 Lifestyle Programs network. All medical license practitioners may enroll for Tier 2 Medical Programs network. Allow 48-72 hrs. for your application review. Upon completion of the application review, you will receive a Practice Set Up form. All new subscriber accounts except Center of Excellence get a FREE 30-day access to a respective platform Tier. Upon expiration of a free access period, monthly fees will apply as per the subscriber agreement.