Lifestyle Programs

Our lifestyle programs offer a comprehensive approach to nutrition, stress resiliency and wellness. Offered independently, or in conjunction with our medical programs, the lifestyle programs use nutrigenomics, functional nutrition, heart rate variability assessments, and relaxation breathing techniques as well as mindfulness. Delivered in a variety of formats, these programs provide an opportunity for any patient to experience a healing power of lifestyle modification. Any practitioner, including those not affiliated with our network, can refer their patients to our experts to initiate a lifestyle program.

Our functional nutrition practitioners follow principles of Food as Medicine and Food as Messenger in their approach. A patient can start with a single face-to-face or a virtual session, and  continue into a series of holistic health and wellness evaluations to solidify their effort. A unique feature of our lifestyle and medical programs involves using genomic profiles for single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) analysis, readily accessible through 23 and me. Using this information, in addition to metabolic questionnaires and medical information provided by a patient's physician, our lifestyle practitioners focus on personalization through best nutrition, exercise and stress resiliency "fit" for a patient. 

Our proprietary Functional and Integrative Therapies based on Genome, Exercise, Nutrition, Environment and Supplements (Fit in Your GENES) programs are structured lifestyle interventions that provide the most comprehensive holistic approach to vascular disease, obesity, and inflammation.

As a participant in the program, you benefit from a set of hands-on tools that help you to stay on track. All of our patients use a secure nutrition portal to log their food diary, submit metabolic questionnaires, upload Fitbit activity, measure changes in their  body composition, securely message their lifestyle practitioner, and get daily reminders. Our proprietary nutritional sequence has been highly effective in promoting weight loss, increasing lean body muscle mass, reducing visceral fat, and improving cardiometabolic risk profiles while increasing wellness and vitality. We use Heartmath heart rate variability assessments in our stress resiliency lifestyle program. 

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