Fit in Your GENES Weight Loss

The Fit in Your GENES Weight Loss Program is a comprehensive 6 to12 month program conducted by lifestyle practitioners under physician supervision. The program builds on the integrative cardiac, functional medicine or genomic consults by providing ongoing, structured lifestyle visits, including functional nutrition, holistic health and wellness, and stress resiliency sessions. Our lifestyle practitioners guide you through detoxification, and personalized nutraceutical selections. Daily meal planning support is provided through email, mobile-enabled nutrition portal, and virtual visits.

Using a rotational sequence  of nutritional plans, the weight loss program aims to identify food intolerances, repair the gut, and reduce insulin resistance. The goal of the program is to enable at least 10% of the pre-program weight loss, while restoring metabolism, wellness and vitality. Overall program efficacy is approximately 70-80%.

Your physician must refer you to the program, and can supervise your progress, or refer to any of our medical experts. Several advanced tests are required prior to the initiation of the program, such as blood testing for lipid and inflammatory markers, urine testing for organic acids, saliva testing for hormones, including cortisol, and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) testing. Such tests can be obtained as part of your medical consults, and may be repeated at regular intervals during the program. Access to the InBody body composition analyzer is desirable. Additional tests, such as sleep apnea testing, may be recommended following your initial evaluation. Please, submit a Contact Us inquiry to request a referral form for your physician.