Fit in Your GENES Holistic Heart Health

The Fit in Your GENES Holistic Heart Health program is designed for patients with heart and vascular disease, or those with cardiac disease risk factors. The goal of the program is optimization of  metabolic functions that in many patients, when imbalanced, lead to inflammation, resulting in vascular damage or electrical instability. The program aims to achieve stabilization of coronary vascular disease, by reducing the risk of a first or subsequent cardiac event; reduce the burden of cardiac arrhythmia driven by inflammation, such as atrial fibrillation; stabilize and delay progression of aortosclerosis; improve heart muscle function. Participants may experience weight loss, decrease reliance on or discontinuation of certain medications, improvements in blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduction or resolution of symptoms such as angina, palpitations and heart failure, and increased energy and vitality.

The Fit in Your GENES Holistic Heart Health program requires testing for a variety of genetic and inflammatory markers, including genes governing methylation, detoxification, and response to medications. An advanced lipid and inflammatory markers as well as vascular reactivity testing is provided at regular intervals. Some of the participants may require coronary artery calcium scoring, and additional urine and saliva testing for metabolic and hormonal parameters.

The Fit in Your GENES Holistic Heart Health is a 6 to 12 month program conducted under physician supervision. It builds on functional medicine, integrative cardiac care or genomic consults by providing structured physician and lifestyle visits, including functional nutritional support, personalized guidance on nutraceuticals, and stress resiliency behavior training. The goal of the program is to achieve objective improvement in clinical status, body composition, and inflammatory and metabolic markers. Overall program efficacy is approximately 90%.

Your physician must refer you to the program, and can supervise your progress, or refer to any of our medical experts. Several advanced tests are required prior to the initiation, such as blood testing for lipid and inflammatory markers, urine testing for organic acids, saliva testing for hormones, including cortisol, and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) testing. Such tests can be obtained as part of your medical consults, and may be repeated at regular intervals during the program. Additional tests, such as coronary artery calcium scoring, sleep apnea testing, or cardiac imaging testing may be recommended following your initial evaluation. Please, submit a Contact Us inquiry to request a referral form for your physician.