Stress Resiliency & Mindfulness

Building stress resilience is an essential survival skill. Many if not all chronic conditions are closely linked to chronic stress states, associated with disrupted cortisol secretion, elevated inflammatory markers, and visceral adiposity. Ongoing stress disrupts sleep, affects our food choices, and creates a downward spiral that propels us toward disease.

One cannot avoid stress but modifying your response to it can be taught, and when practiced regularly has tremendous health benefits. Whether you are an expert in mindfulness, just starting, or get fulfillment through hobbies, community groups, social and outdoor activity, all of these work to build your stress resilience.

Our practitioners use  assessment of heart rate variability and in-office as well as mobile training sessions to teach  a series of simple breathing exercises that are known to remarkably increase your stress resilience. We use Heartmath, a scientifically validated method to help patients make a sustainable change in their response to stress. Our practitioners excel at mindfulness and use variety of other techniques in practice. You do not need a physician referral to engage in Stress Resiliency and Mindfulness sessions.