Medical Programs

Our medical programs offer a comprehensive, functional medicine-based solution to patients with known vascular and heart diseases or those at risk of such diseases. Focused on finding root causes of atherosclerotic disease, our medical programs address inflammation, oxidative stress, auto immunity, metabolic and hormonal imbalances as well as heavy metal exposures. All of these factors have been linked to early and progressive vascular damage, and structural heart disease.

A unique feature of our programs involves genomic profiles that are used in conjunction with laboratory and biometric testing to best personalize our interventions for a patient. Using single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) analysis readily accessible through 23 and me, our practitioners perform a deep dive into energy production and  toxic disposal governed by the SNPs. The cellular biochemistry governed by the SNPs has been well studied, and is known to affect vascular health on many levels, yet its impact varies from person to person. This analysis looks at detoxification, methylation, and related biochemical reactions, and determines their influence on vascular health.

Our systems biology approach relies on the  proprietary algorithms that factor in SNPs potential clinical influences with advanced lipid, inflammation, metabolic and nutritional biomarkers, hormonal and toxicity assessments, microbiome evaluation, and biometric data to arrive at personalized and highly effective, actionable plan.

Starting with our functional medicine consult allows patients and practitioners to evaluate if they are likely to benefit from more advanced cardiogenomic or hormone balance evaluations. The more advanced medical evaluations offered by the genomic consults can be combined with our lifestyle modification approach in our Functional and Integrative Therapeutics based on Genome, Environment, Nutrition, Exercise and Supplements (Fit in Your GENES) programs.

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