Cardiogenomic Evaluation

Our personalized approach uses direct-to-consumer genetic testing in addition to advanced vascular, metabolic, inflammation, lipid, hormone, and toxicity evaluations to create a custom-tailored plan to stabilize and reverse cardiovascular disease, and the root causes of its underlying risk factors. Aimed at lowering or eliminating the impact of inflammation, we work to lower blood pressure, normalize cholesterol and blood glucose metabolism, and promote feelings of energy and wellness. Restoration of energy and vitality, and prevention of hospitalizations or further procedures due to vascular events, are important goals for patients with heart disease. Vitamins, supplements and functional foods are integral components of our programs. All programs are physician-supervised.

The following features are specific to the Cardiogenomic Evaluation:

  • 5 hours total
  • Genetic analysis required
  • Advanced lipid, inflammatory biomarkers, and metabolic evaluations are required
  • Basal body temperature measurements and hormone evaluations may be required

You can find one of our expert practitioners using Find a Practitioner feature, and engage them in a face-to-face visit, or a virtual consultation. A peer-to-peer referral from your doctor may be required for a virtual visit. Please, explore our patient Webinar Library or Case Studies to learn more. Many of our patients start with an Integrative Cardiac Care or a Functional Medicine Consult, and progress into Cardiogenomic Evaluation or Fit In Your GENES program. Please, Contact Us to discuss your options, or if you need assistance.